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AfroPhunk Lyrics

Jay Prince – AfroPhunk Lyrics

Oh shit, are you still feelin' me?
My nigga, are you really feelin' me?
Oh yeah, are you still feelin' me?
Just tell me, are you really feelin' me?
My nigga you were never feelin' me
And i came back and i had a different remedy
My nigga are you still feelin' me?
Oh shit are you still feeling me?

Look, I guess it's always been a hood thing
I ain't never really doubt it how we do this
See my people really living in the system that we live in
I ain't kidding, I'm just tryna make a vivit, better listen out
And nowadays everbody wanna talk to, step with me, walk with me, vibe with it give right now
I guess i'm feelin' good right now, back in the day, we struggling my thoughts right now

Something to say calling my name i came ready
Black, brown i maintain the throw fetty
Ain't nothin to celebrate game we ain't playing
Fire in my belly straight makaveli straight too
Back in the whip, so there mama i hate to see you cry
Havnt you dealt with the drama ima make this right
Take this high note lookin back this life man
Reach new hights now, i kinda understand how
The game goals the game throws a lota shit at you
Nigga .. now had to bring a black man down
5-0 brings a black man down now we thinkin
What the fuck right now, i just say it how it is
Im praying by the minute homie thats just how ilive
And take my time and live my life i might think twice
I might be like this is your life

Sit back and really try see and really try

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