Verse 1:
You’ve been hurting, hiding all the pain you know
You found he won't be there when you need
He’s spending all your money, but won’t earn It though
Love can kill your heart when you're naive

Pre Chorus
He's jealous of your light, makes you feel as if you’re nothing
He comes begging in the night
Girl, you’re dying to feel something

Sunshine, I’ll bring you sunshine
Let him fall that sunshine killer
Ooh, I'll bring sunshine
Oh don’t cry
Let him fall that sunshine killer

Verse 2:
You deserve to have someone who gives to you
He stays with you only to survive
I’m the one that stays, but he’s just passing through
You need love, you need real woman stuff, you need me in your life

Pre Chorus
Come to me and cry, I was raised to be your soldier
You’re a Queen, you give me life
Let me serve and love and hold you


Verse 3:
He runs to his mama's every time he's wrong
And you know he won't grow to be a man
I won't break your heart and leave you out alone
Matter fact, quit your job, go shop, I work hard so you can
I'm a boss here's the plan

Pre Chorus:
Step into my life
I adore your natural beauty
This real man can treat you right
Leave him there and come run to me

Repeat 2x
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Sunshine Killer Lyrics

Jasper Sawyer – Sunshine Killer Lyrics