It ain't what it seems

Look at all of the money you are making now
You’re living the dream
Look at all the people you’re connected to
Don’t forget about me

Can I borrow some money I look up to you
Help me to achieve
Still I’m needing that money but I do love you
It ain't what it seems

Verse 1:
I got a friend that graduated college
Middle school we made a pact when she made it
I would be her client
Studied law, hit them books a lot
I see her rising, and I’m happy cause I know she ain’t never stopped

I know a dude who owns a barbershop in the valley Cali green
Fresh cuts, and reciprocity
He said the rich got problems, we don’t even know
He said let him have my problems, I bet you they won’t trade me though

I laughed hard cause I know it’s the truth
But on the other side people start coming at you
And on another side, money starts flowing from you
To faces you know, and faces you don’t, what do you do

Take a step back and think about it
If you never made a dime would it be so crowded
So a barber or a lawyer
Still they gonna call you
Everyday they bother
A hit dog will holler hey


Verse 2:
My niece loves me forever
Working hard, I’m passing through Kentucky, yeah we kick it together
I say keep on saving your money
Keep it quiet, cause when people you know got it
They start acting funny

They start calling on the regular
Texting on your cellular
Loving you and hating you
Now you’re their competitor

Success can be a curse when the people act irregular
Being broke is worst so we chase it to the death of us

Come up in the world uh say that again
Now you’re hanging with your enemies that say they’re your friends
Cause you spending money from a well they think never ends
Cut em off before you fall, before you begin

I know this dude chasing music dreams
Writing songs, mixtapes, staying up late
Working seven a week

And now a little money falling through
I figured out first you losing then you winning then they all love you hey

I gave five dollars they ain't paid me back
I gave ten dollars they ain't paid me back
I gave twenty dollars they ain't paid me back
I gave a hundred dollars they ain't paid me back

All these people say that they got my back
But when I really need em tell me where they at
They wanna borrow money 5x

Twenty five, a hundred too, five stacks
You out your mind, I gotta move, I gotta move

Repeat 2x
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It Ain’t What It Seems Lyrics

Jasper Sawyer – It Ain’t What It Seems Lyrics