Hello - my name is not worth to mention
For you it means less than a file extension
Forgive me if I sound a little bit stiff
But I am thinking like a micro chip

I'm not used to someone like you
Plenty of words, but I don't have a clue

You've got style you've got class
I like your face and I like your...

So excuse me may I ask you for a little dance
Invite you for a dinner and a trip to France
This is the beautiful same old scene
But this is reality and not the screen

Can't you see I'm bleeding
Can't you see I'm so in love

You got me flying girl
And bending on my knees
And you got me crying pearls
You just got too close to me
You got me tripping to the maximum degree
You got me flipped around
You got too close to me

I told you
That the only little thing that I wanted to do
Was to hold you
And now this situation that we can't undo

Brothers and sisters and mothers in law
All in all a rather tricky jigsaw
A pretty girl with a pretty face
And now these rumours all over the place
My gig is to play the honky tonk
And I was not geared for a bonky jump
I left the ground I lost the thread
I guess I got it all mixed up in my head

I was just out for some little romantic
I was not going to sink the Atlantic
Not I'm getting my things together
Looking forward for some silent weather
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Too Close To Me Lyrics

Jascha Richter – Too Close To Me Lyrics