We love each other but this is too much pain
You and me together is completely insane

Communication is broken and dead
I think it's better just to turn away instead

We both got a story to justify
We've let each other down and we said goodbye
At least 15 times

I really try to push you aside
Trying hard to turn a blind eye to you
To trash you baby

But every time I walk away
The game of life just ceases to play
And I don't wanna fight
No I just don't wanna fight
The nature of life

I wonder if the two of us sill have a chance
I wonder if we will repeat this shaky romance
Somehow I just need you in the neighbourhood
And sometimes I wanna cut the line for good
Don't know if I should

Back To Chorus: I really try to push your side...

In my head there is a reason
To slam the door and stay away from you
But in my life
There are no seasons
Without you

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Nature Of Life Lyrics

Jascha Richter – Nature Of Life Lyrics