Where did everything go wrong?
Everything's falling apart
I'm feeling dumb
With another broken heart
I'm growing up
I guess I've been set up
Every single day of my life

Well school is out for now
And I guess that's great
But I'll just sit at home
And rot away
My parents are begging
For anything to be done
To my beat up reputation
They say I'm having too much fun

They're full of shit

I guess there's nothing to do
But lay in bed 'till noon
Break out the NOFX
And think about you
I wish you were here
With me right now
But I know you'll never be
Cuz you're out with that 20 yo
Singing The Offspring's Self Esteem

So mainstream

I guess I'll be the last of my friends
To get the fuck out of here
All my friends are packing up and leaving
And I'm still here

And they stole my beer
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Growing Up Lyrics

James On Fire – Growing Up Lyrics