Everybody's got more important things to do
And I'm always left behind
So I'll sit here and listen to the radio
And I'm losing my fucking mind

I wish I could get out of this state of loneliness
But the weather is shot and I'm all I've got
And it seems I'm always depressed
I'm a train wreck and everything thing that's stuck between
And I keep washing my god damn hands 'cause I'm so fucking OCD

Grab me a pen
And I'll sing this song again
A tribute to the wasted time I spent living on the edge
Of restlessness and anxiety
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me

As the time flies by I die inside
Afraid of the future so I try to hide
Away from the clock I'm hoping that it stops (please fucking stop)
So I can't age and you can't turn the page
No more lessons to be learned the hard way

I'll stay this age forever
Stay this age forever
Won't have to grow older just yet
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A Tribute To A Pain In The Ass Lyrics

James On Fire – A Tribute To A Pain In The Ass Lyrics