[Hook 1x]
We all together in this fight and we yellin' (Pull Up)
If we on the block or just clockin' we yellin' (Pull Up)
Them DJ s bangin' this track and we yellin' (Pull Up)
Da Man dem yellin' (Pull Up) the ladies yellin' (Pull Up)

[Verse 1]
I'm like a evil genius cuz I marvel at these comics
Chew n spit 'em out like them bulimics vomit
Militant lyricist so I cause violence with my topics
Start riots that will turn North America tropic
You see I viciously attack these anorexics thugs
Cuz they light weight pathetic on the them blocks they hug
Some petty niggaz talking keys, grams n' slugs
I'm in "the Gospel" like psalms getting' niggaz, higher than drugs
This ain't a track I made for introspection
But I publish knowledge like them Britannica collections
Too many of us dying from unprotected erections
So we got bigger issues than George Bush wining elections
I'm flawless impenetrable like a Syracuse zone
Jair a breathe of fresh air like asthmatic's Prednisone
My baritone chaperones bullets to domes
They say I'm violently deep, like some Malcolm X lost poems

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'm coming at you live... from the frozen north beyond
Cold we stare Lucifer in his face tell 'em be gone
Spittin' scriptures like the bible that's my word is bond
Got no interest in false idols, so I say bun Babylon
But money is a must when we dealing with this corrupt system
So we drop bombs, collect cheques n' break our niggaz out prison
Stack funds to have the first black own club down on Richmond
Spit disgusting bars to get niggaz animated like Simpsons
Don't force our hands we'll have your block bright crimson
Bloody up like them gloves that couldn't convict O.J. Simpson
But false arrest is enough, have innocent niggaz locked in prison
N' the rest entertaining you on courts like them Detroit Pistons
Our kids is brainwashed, infatuated with rims and systems
Thinking below the hips on some get AIDs mission
But fuck it, we all gone die from smog n' fuel emissions
So I drop tracks pressed on wax n' hope that you don't miss 'em

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
This a direct dissection cuz your cerebral's feeble
I got visions like Moses, God said lead my people
Attack niggaz chase them off these tracks like steeple
Revolutionary by design cuz my material's lethal
Like 40 below hypothermia, freezing ice
You got beef? Gets cooked, sautйed then spiced
Y'all can't fuck wit my "Dominion" nigga I'm too nice
So I just eat your "Food Basic", like white rice
On the hunt like members of a gaming commission
That's bobby tryina lock my brothers away in prison
Heavily force by this corrupt hypocritical system
To hustle for everything due to impoverished living
Day to day cheque to cheque just barely gettin by
N' there ain't nothing bout that life I wanna glorify
Legal ain't no real defenses when you gettin tried
Money begets money so support black business while you alive

[Hook 2x]
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Pull Up Lyrics

Jair Dynast – Pull Up Lyrics

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