It's a vicious cycle that this life wrote
Like Agatha Christie murder is cut throat
Since like 10 years partners in crime's boat
Real shit ain't nothin' sweet like what sugar coats
Started hotwiring cars n boostin' sneakers
Graduated moving weight n' sellin' heaters
Common trap for these young thug thrill seekers
Impressionable young minds without them real leaders
Almost inseparable like them conjoined twins
Tariq, dark skin like Sinka devilish grin
Malcolm a burly nigga with his light skin
Tariq a model type but yo, he was really thin
Malcolm lead a small criminal cartel
Considerin' the comp. They did kinda real well
Mainly credit card scams n' contraband sales
Hot headed, talkin' big wit them small tales
Tariq, like natives was always reserved
Hated that shit and wanted out of that type of world
A better life for his moms n' his baby girl
Colleges said ball was the ticket out soaked up every word
On the court he ate food his senior year
Sales declined Malcolm's vex he wasn't there
Signed his letter of intent n' Malcolm saw it clear
Shout 'em dead like "If I ain't leavin' nigga you can go, no where"

[Chorus 2x]
Crab in the barrel, gotta be a Negro trait
(Vicious, Vicious, Vicious, Vicious)
Hate to see another nigga elevate
(Vicious, Vicious, Vicious, Vicious)

[Verse 2:]
Brother lost his life tragic like Solider Slim
Her parents, she had to forget about them
Some 'em in her chest she couldn't cough up like flem
Her younger siblings, now she gotta fend for them
That's the pressures, beautiful girl in the hood
Niggaz like, "Baby yah sexy me wan gi you di wood"
Coca Cola body, exotic like models should
Have a lot of work with features that look this good
Music videos, parlayed principal roles
Bills all paid ez pass them toles
High prices parties with them gifts of Gold
Diamond rings, niggaz would of gave they soul
Her brother taught her the intellect n' the street smarts
Now she a gifted hustler, breakin' hearts
No s**, just s** appeal how she played the part
Not a dumb chick, she had big plans to spark
Studied her books n' started her own business
In a plush town home wit plans to get this
Her Modeling agency n' spa for fitness
A young female black entrepreneur mistress
To a chauvinistic baller from the west end
Ain't like her independence said it had to end
She said fuck that, dropped that nigga n' broke his heart
Next they found her dead out in Malvern, Nelson Park

[Chorus 4x]
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Vicious Lyrics

Jair Dynast – Vicious Lyrics

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