Name of song: just give me a chance

I don't know how this happened to me,
I just feel weird,
When ur by me,
I hope that you can understand
How I feel right now,
When ur by me,
Well I don't know what to,
About this feeling
I'm so confused,
So help me now,
Figure this out,
So I can try to tell you
What I mean,
How you make me feel
*High voice* This way,
Do you feel,
The same for me,
When you see me just standing there,
Can you show me, what you really feel
Cuz I need to know,
Cuz I wrote this stupid song,
Just to show you how I feel,
You might not comply know how, how I feel about you,
So just give me a chance
To show you what I mean,
Cuz I really need know
Ya I really need to know now,
If you feel the same
When ur by me,
I feel like my heart skips a beat,
My heart feels like it just drops to my feet,
I always seem to smile for no dam reason,
At alllllllllllllll,
It happened,
When ur by me,
All of this is so true so true,
So I just hope,
*High voice* you can give me a chance.
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Just Give Me A Chance Lyrics

Jade Gunther – Just Give Me A Chance Lyrics

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