Do u know what it's like,
For someone u use to like
Just walks past u,
Well I know that feeling
Well I know it's hard, right nowwwwww
But u can make it tho
U got what it takes,
So don't let them
Bring u downnnnnnnnn,
Ooooo noooooooooo,
Don't let them bring u down,
No not today,
Not in a year,
Or when ever u see them,
Just walk past u,
U don't really need them,
So just stay strong for meeeeee,
No mater what it it takes,
I'll get u tho this,
Cuz I know it's hard
So just sing alone
If u know the wordsssss
The wordsssss
So just scream at the top of u lung
Saying I don't need them,
I am prefect
Just the way I am,
If they don't like that or don't like me
It's their loseeeeeee,
It's their loseeeeeee,
So if they don't want me
I shouldn't even try,
Cuz someone better will want me
Just for me,
Then just smile at the world
Cuz uuuu don't needed them
So just stay strong,
Cuz u will find someone better
And I hope I help at least,
And hope u know
That u don't need them
And u are just perfect
Just the way...
U are.
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Ignoring Me Lyrics

Jade Gunther – Ignoring Me Lyrics

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