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Dopeman Lyrics

Jadakiss – Dopeman Lyrics

[Jadakiss:]I see it in your belly,
A rock on your finger I stopped being a swinger the
Drama still lingers sometimes it's worth it nobody
Is perfect, whatever I did to deserve it,
It must've hurt, it's true I can's escape your touch,
But like you too I can only take so much,
Yeah the things you do drive me crazy, but I'm just one man one body baby

Baby love, I need you to tell me,
You're the only one I want,
You make me right, I wanna be,
Everything that you need, so don't you worry I'll be
Here baby, but this is what you're telling me

[Chorus:]No more, no more,
No more, I do, but I'm through,
I'm through, I'm so confused,
Confused, why can't you make up your mind baby when
You realize, who's gonna love you like me,
Nobody, nobody baby, who's gonna give you want you
Need, nobody, nobody baby,
Who's gonna do you like I do when you get lonely,
So hold it down and understand that I'm only one man one body baby

I can only be at one place at one time now,
Trynna make ends meet, trynna keep things in line now,
You gon at me, playing games with my mind now,
All I do is for you but this is what you're telling me

[Jadakiss:]I'm doin what I can and I'm doin it for
You that's the reason why I need you to understand,
At any minute I can flip, any minute I can skip,
That ain't what it's all about ma I'm trynna get a
Grip, do it with support, work it out the best way
We know how rather than do it with the courts
And we can get it in, all you gotta do is hold it
Down and understand I'm only one man

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