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I Stay Ten Toes Down Lyrics

Jadakiss – I Stay Ten Toes Down Lyrics

Y'all Niggas is Liars
You need to stop watching The Wire
Cause you never been through the fire
I'm posted on this block until I retire
Cause Homie I Stay Ten Toes Down

Yo me I tear the town up
Pull the 40s out, put the pounds up
Whenever the regulaters mound up
Started from the ground up
Couple years later I'm a millionaire, Now What
Still get em now but
I'm just more discrete about it
If I get indited all you gonna do is read about it
Somebody Gonna bleed about it
Yea these niggas know he about it
I never get out of my character tho, I'm always a G about it
I'm in the Streets where there no rules
Everybodys so cool
Til you take a leak on they protools
And I ain't been innocence since
I planted my ten toes down in the cement
You can get em long as you say you ain't get em from kiss
I'm always in some shit
I run the block like I got a permit
If you listenin than you heard
Much different than these nerd
I was raised from the kitchen to the curb
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