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Feel It Lyrics

JACE – Feel It Lyrics

I been taking xans with my Jack Daniels
Tryna get a million, I can’t build my fam up
Before these niggas knew just what the plan was
I understand that they don’t understand us
East side shit, nigga stand up
There some snow I wouldn’t do a gram of
And some hoes that call I never answer
Want my money older than my grandma

[Verse 1]
Pillow in the zip, I pull up, I’m tryna do that
Takes so much for me to get a buzz now
I would hate to put you through that
Seems like they never show him love now
I’m yelling nigga screw that
Fuck em, that’s just how I feel nigga
It don’t matter who dat nigga, who dat
But man it’s still the same though
We all in the same boat
They don’t like you ‘fore you on, when you on they don’t like you either
Nigga that’s just how it go


But I know, all the real niggas feel it
Yeah I know, all my real niggas feel it
But I know, real niggas feel it
Yeah I know, that all my real niggas feel it

[Verse 2]
Man I never had luxury, fuck with me
Man I’m stunting, an actual living version of really coming from nothing
Really cutting the onion with Ca$hout in the stash house
Mike telling me to cop the coupe on him, mash out
Paper stone thrown at a glass house, won’t crack
Old girls steady call my phone, I won’t call back
Focused on my path, too much anyway, fall back
Focused on my money, too much anyway, all that
And you can feel a little different, when that lean start to get you
But one thing I always know, is that the real niggas feel me, so

[Prehook + Hook]
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