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Good Morning Lyrics

JACE – Good Morning Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fuck being apologetic, I do it and don’t regret it
They quote me and say I said it, and you best not forget it
Got shit they wouldn’t approve of, songs about hope and true love
Songs about nights and follies, places bout where I grew up
Sorry that I’m so honest, it’d make more sense if you knew us
Sometimes I second guess it like maybe I’m saying too much
But fuck it, if the coupe don’t got a roof ain’t shit that you can hide
If the doors are suicide then I feel too alive
If living well’s your only sickness what would you prescribe?
Everything I do describe is oh so very true, and I’m

In here talking like it’s you and I, in here talking like it’s you and I

[Verse 2]
I hate the way I built it
Hate I hate it that I love it when I wear it and so help it, I said [?]

And I hate talking in public, hate when I fake that I love it
When I would rather say fuck it, I said that all on this one song
Do we still have to discuss it?
Like how the gang got its start
Where we from? And which parts?
Did it take long? And did we work hard?
Did everything almost fall apart when we found out that Key! was gone?
Could’ve sworn that I said this what’s going on
Am I stuck in a twilight zone, you know ever since I did Styrofoam
I could’ve sworn y’all were living it, goddamn I guess I was wrong

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