I never believed in much of anything
But I believe in this strong enough to kill
Hook in mouth, you won't let me go
A state of separation, self-imposed
A breath of fresh air for these black lungs
What I wouldn't give for just a moments silence.
A suture for bleeding hearts
I'm further than a phone call away
And I won't be getting any closer
Avoidance is my only relief from you
Stop casting you shadow on me and mine
It makes every breath as ice
Set to pierce everything inside of me
Its time for me to cut you off my back
Severing the leech never felt so good......
And I have never felt so just.
You have died to me in my eyes and my heart
Now turn black and crumble
So I can bury you and be done with this.
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Sever The Leech Lyrics

Invocation Of Nehek – Sever The Leech Lyrics