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Beauty Everlasting Lyrics

Invocation Of Nehek – Beauty Everlasting Lyrics

The soveirgn state of Hell, A beauty to the last
One tends to hold a piece deep within
When she smiles, it burns a little hotter
With a glance, it melts it's way to blue eyes
And retreats painfully to the recesses of shadow beyond
Lying in wait for the next chance to decimate a boy
"Let it go" is easier said than done
The boy has fears of his own to cope with
Sidestepping emotion leads to the collapse of everything
Her pedestal crumbling on top of him
It's hard to scream when it is impossible to breathe
It's all been done before, when the Angel fell
He's just trying to avoid a repeat of the past
But he's ruining his chance to quench the Inferno
The flame that is burning him from the inside out
Burn, Baby, Burn
As if he could stop it if he tried.......
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