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Vendetta Lyrics

Inspectah Deck – Vendetta Lyrics

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, back from the dead
It's the Rebel, I Soldier, I told ya
I shall return, yeah
[Inspectah Deck]
Ya'll done fucked up, lettin' me live, something's got to give
I'm positive, you're gonna all pay homage
Believe me, I ain't lyin' down that easy
And that thought applies for those who proud to see me
Through the distraction, I was wounded in action
An act of betrayal, but I knew the assassin
Now I pack a vengeance like Steven Seagal
I'm back from the trenches to even the odds and...
[Chorus 2X: Inspectah Deck]
You hear the rockets red glare? The bombs burstin' in air?
Gave proof through the night, that I stood through the fight
Yeah, the Rebel's still here, what?
[Inspectah Deck]
Ya'll better rock ya'll hoodies
And hold your girl tight, before we pop that pussy
It be so real, I don't need no deal
My mass appeal make a marvel out how he so ill
Ya'll time is up, try your luck, ya'll wind up
Fucked up, before you even recognize I struck
Roll with the live dozen, got all eyes buzzin'
With strong rhymes cousin, been a long time comin'
Break your weak links, in the chain, fuck your mink, and your reign

Son is lame, plus he thinks it's a game
But, we about to apply the heat (the heat)
And snatch him up out the driver's seat
I put my life on it, post up like who want it
Blast off with the force to send ya'll in orbit
Wild like whitey's in the mosh pit, yeah we gon' start shit
Pack 'em down, then corner the market
[Chorus 2X: Inspectah Deck]
To all my real M. C. 's, the ones without a deal M. C. 's
The ones who kick the real life music
Let's link, them niggas can't move no more units
[Inspectah Deck]
For life I'll be underground, their first thought
Was yo, "How did he survive with no commercial support?"
Damn right, I miss the corporate politics and tricks
Where the Soundscan is rigged and contracts are fixed
I sit in the pit where the grime exist
Legendary, they still lovin' my rhymes from 9-6
Now I'm back, that's my word as I reveal this shit
By choice or by force, ya'll gonna feel this shit, ya hear?
[Chorus 2X: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, this is all out war, I'm callin' on all outlaws
Son, they new to the art, ain't true to the heart
Who's down for the cause, huh?
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