Verse 1:
There is that awkward feeling there
You couldn´t keep it to yourself
You had to ruin everything that we had

Think about how it was before
Well, guess what, it´s forever gone
I miss it too, but now it seems so wrong

Leave me alone now
Go far away, don´t you come back
Cuz I can´t stand watching you
Trying to get to my head
So save your tears for someone
Who will care and who will understand
Your pain is not what I want
But I can´t pretend

Verse 2:
Don´t ever say my name again
It makes me wanna punch your face
You try but your friendly words just make it worse

I´m sick of everything you do
Your laughing, yes, I hate it too
I´m sorry but I can´t change what is true
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Save Your Tears Lyrics

Insane Ride – Save Your Tears Lyrics