Verse 1:
Where did you come from?
You were
Just another dream
Too good
To be
True, I´m so naive
Here I am
Stuck there
In the beauty of your words
Deaf and blind
To your fucking lies

So was it all your plan?
Is it a part of game?
That you like to play

And are there more victims?
Or am I a special one?
Like you said

You stole
My heart, my life, my soul
Then threw it away
Like it was nothing at all and I won´t
Though I went through hell on

Verse 2:
I feel
If only I felt hatred
But I love
You more
Than I ever had
So what!
You ask
´cuz in this universe
It´s not
The last damaged heart
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Hell On Valentine's Day Lyrics

Insane Ride – Hell On Valentine's Day Lyrics