Feeling of sadness
Loneliness and pain
Gloomy clouds are covering my days

And nights full of sorrow
Waiting for a star to fall
Hoping that my wishes will come true

I want to see
What is in my mind
What is in my soul,
What is in my heart

A magical shadow is coming through the dark
Showing me the way to go on
You heard my calling, gave meaning to my life
And I'll do everything to keep you by my side

Now it's clear to me, what is in my mind, what is in my soul, what is in my heart.

Because when you touch my heart I feel the magic
Angel of light dances into my dreams
When you touch my heart I feel the magic
Holding me tenderly under your spell.

I wish that my dream will never end
Because you are the air that I breathe.
You light the fire that is burning in my heart
And keeps me alive for ever more

Feeling of sadness
Loneliness and pain,
They where just a dream that flew away
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Feel The Magic Lyrics

Innerwish – Feel The Magic Lyrics