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Transcendence Of Gods Lyrics

Ingested – Transcendence Of Gods Lyrics

Witness the transcendence of Gods
Divinity, through misanthropy
Through genocide we shed the skin of the earth
Affinity, for brutality
Sacrificial impregnation for our rebirth
Our rebirth

Cleanse the world with the blood of the obsolete
Bounty of bodies, what a feast for the worms
Depopulation, conclusion of our demonstration

Active eugenics
The pioneers
The pinnacle
We bear the burden, exhorters of eradication
Sublime and supreme
The sickly screams are mankind's swansong
Our dedication, devout in all our devastation
Exhiled, erased
The pentacle
The paragon

Line them up
Smash their skulls
Mass extinction
Cease all bloodlines
How can life have any value

Surplus the sentience
Cull the cretins
Beyond mortal
Chosen by natural selection

Pity, not an emotion I assign to the human race
Prestige, subpar remotion
We are the coming, the chosen elite
How ironic you've become the hunted

There is no legacy forgotten when we end your species
Diachronic devolution of your dogmas
Not even worthy to serve
We superspede
Throw, their bodies in the pit
And let our children feast
They will gorge on the easiest prey

The scourge in their own filth
Don't stop until we've murdered them all
Watching them all weep we don't give a fuck
Herding all the sheep you're all out of luck
Thank us, you've witnessed, the cure for the sickness
Open your eyes, are you ready to see
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