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Endless Despondency Lyrics

Ingested – Endless Despondency Lyrics

I spoke of us as brothers, for you I would bleed
And now you're just another defined by misdeeds
I won't rest till I have justice
Worthless fuck, betrayed my honour
Think that you can bury me
You're out of luck I'm no-ones martyr
When everything just isn't enough
I'm crossing the line committing the crime
I'm biding my time this world will be mine
I would leave a million corpses
Stinking, bleeding, rotting in my wake
I will be the prophet of this generation of hate
I will make an example, dead eyes can shed no tears
Speak of the devil and I will appear
On the twenty second level, no one stands with me here
Monarch of an empire founded in misery
Horros is the air in which you shall breathe
Let them crawl through the salt and the sand
One by one they will fall by my hand
I am the oracle of endless despondency
Traitor, coward, your lies have filled your empty grave
I am depraved
They suck on my dick ass I sit on the throne of damnation
Swallow salvation
Dirty treatise I will defy you
Cut your throat and enter the kingdom
Thirty pieces and what did it buy you
A rope and a branch to hang from
I'm fucking sickened by the sight of your face
A disgrace, defect of the human race
And I will have forgotten your name
Before your rotten body has hit the fucking ground
Is my chest empty of that which makes me mortal?
A beating beacon of weakness, neverending struggle
Wrong and right, black and white
Both the shade and the light, this is the storm before the calm
The only thing louder than the cries of the fallen
Is my word, my will that can't be denied
From where I sit, all I see is my kingdom, my world
Built on the bones of those who have tried
I regret nothing, I feel no remorse
I'm beyond suffering, this sea of cunts and whores
They suck on my dick as I sit on the throne of damnation
Swallow salvation
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