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Amongst Vermin Lyrics

Ingested – Amongst Vermin Lyrics

Anticipating, eagerly waiting
Chasing the same thing never forsaking
When giving up was never an option
Force-fed abortion, no need for precaution
Extortion, you take your power for granted
And now these seeds have been planted
Harvested with a shotgun
Rot cunts, the fucking lessons you've learned
And now the has returned
I'll take what you never earned, make way for the prodigal son

I close my eyes and fantasise
The wake of global genocide
The homicides and suicides
Where no one mourns except the flies
The fear of death the only thing that keeps you mortal
Maliciousness so infamous that I become immortal
I bask in control, martyrdom is bestowed to the young and the old
Regardless of gender
Return you to sender
You fakes and pretenders
You are no contender
To me
Small incisions removing their eyelids
Uncensored vision, their limbs in division
My mission, never cutting to kill this is skillful precision
Abided, admired, conceive your desires, inspire your fire more fuel for the liar
I am a king amongst vermin, the watcher in the dark
In the shadows I lurk
When all else fails, you send the devil to do god's dirty work

They say that there's twelve faces of man? I'd spit in every one of them
Come and see
And in this picture perfect moment of clarity
Epiphany is borne from this new found sanity
My vanity fulfilled through acts of depravity
They say that there's twelve faces of man? I'd spit in every one of them
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