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Better Off Dead Lyrics

Ingested – Better Off Dead Lyrics

You think your law is gospel, you think you know the rules

We've burnt down all your effigies, and fostered all the fools

We've snatched the life right out of you, we know you're not amused

This is the way it is

Murder our enemies

We are the shepherds bitch

Kings, gods and deities

We tell you to fight

You kill them instead

We tell you to maim

Then you bring us the head
Display all the traitors

The rivers run red

Who wants to live, when you're better off dead

Is our weapon



Break them

It's fear we hunger

Make it clear we have no peers

Not one

Mock their weakness

All are



Now crawl across the floor like the maggots you are

You're better off dead

I'm fucked in the head

Better off dead

I'll laugh as you beg

You're better off dead

Every single fucker holds a candle to our everlasting flame

Kings, gods, deities

All of the above

Wipe away your tears and buckle up

Domination endless

As we fuck and we cut

If the sheep become the goats, then we will slit their fucking throats

Every single fucker holds a candle to our everlasting flame

From the surreption to surpass, you know we are the masters at
The Apex of our game

We, are the chosen ones

We, built the pedestal

Power, most incredible
Better off dead
You're better off dead

(Note: These lyrics are directly from the booklet that comes with the CD and the lyrics are jotted down in a manner that it's difficult to tell where one lyric begins and another ends - however, the lyrics are all in order.)
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