A lie is such a modest way to get myself a deal
Cause I can tell you anything just what you wanna hear
But then I lose myself, caught in a web of lies
Reality will die

Pretending and blending I tie myself blind,
Onetoo many lies there's no way I can find
Out of my selfcreated labyrinth of lies

Lies destroy all our trust
So we have to build it up once again
So we waste all out time
Running like mice in a labyrinth of lies
- lies are the source of my pain

Your eyes so full of innocence pretending to be true
But what you really think inside shows not in what you do
Confused within yourself, about to lose the way
Deception is the game

Believing deceiving time captures your mind
In false memory there's no way you can find
Out of your selfcreated labyrinth of lies


I - can see behind your mask
You see there's no use in disguising
I - can see in̉‘side your mind
You see there's no use in lying -
To me

When - the truth now finally dies
The world becomes a maze
Where we're stumbling around like blind
Cause we know we have to find a way - out!
Of this labyrinth of lies
Where reality dies
And the truth is a lie

We close our eyes
Pretend to be blind
We claim that it all lies beyond our sight
Reality dies when the truth is a lie
When we all hide inside the walls
Of this labyrinth of lies
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Labyrinth Of Lies Lyrics

Infinight – Labyrinth Of Lies Lyrics