Some call it fate some call it fair
I can't believe that fate does care
About mankind and all their plans
How else could this happen then?

There's a man who's dying from disease
And he turns his back with ease
To a world - cold and mercyless
Where except his pain - there is nothing left - anymore

There's a man whose heart has turned to stone
When he lost his beloved ones
When he's got no more tears to cry
He welcomes death and says

Goodbye, cruel world
I'll leave you now,
I think there's one thing you should know
Cruel world,
I'll say farewell
To a world that's become a hell

There's a child that never felt love
So he prays to god above
Please Lord let me get away
Save me now from this living hell
Down here

And I, I had to watch this all, I
Could not take it anymore
When my time has come to die
I'll welcome death and say Goodbye




I'll die without any fear
For I know my ending has always been near
I'll she'd no useless tear as
The vision of my salvation is becoming clear

So here we are we're not afraid to die
Anyway, we had already wasted our lives
And time just slips away every single day
And still we have to wait
I am dying free, now I am released
The time has come to wave the world Goodbye
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Goodbye, Cruel World Lyrics

Infinight – Goodbye, Cruel World Lyrics