Here comes the inevitable end when the skin tears from my bones
Burned to black in a shower of sparks as metal grinds against the road
Scrape me from the pavement and set fire to my remains
Do a good job so I don't come back the same!

Can it be? Oh please, can it be the final end for me?

Drink one! Drink one on me!
I've lived long enough... kill me if you please
Drink one! Drink one on me!
It'll bring bad luck and that's exactly what I need

I ride at top speed! Cliffs mean nothin' to me!
Engines blaring through the air, a ball of fire into the sea
I've lived 1000 times and earned 1000 scars
Can't jump this bitch high enough or hit the ground too hard
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1000 Scars Lyrics

Imperious Rex – 1000 Scars Lyrics