"Cruel" doesn't begin to describe my dark, twisted state of mind
There may be no words strong enough for the tale of chaos I've left behind:
Endless miles of fresh rubble smolder underneath a choking, blackened sky
A never ending scene of madness, beyond the reach of sight!

I live by one decree... Scream it for me:
Strike them down! Strike with authority!
Strike them down! Make them beg for mercy!

Only prose can do my legend justice when written in defeated tongues
It's timeless evidence of my genius, of bitter battles lost and won
With my head held high (though way too big for my shoulders), I look to other lands
Totally untouched, ignorant of my name, waiting to be strangled by my hands!

I live by one decree... Scream it for me:
Strike... Strike... Strike them down!...
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Strike Them Down Lyrics

Imperious Rex – Strike Them Down Lyrics