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I fuckin hate this bitch man
Stupid ass fuckin bitch
Imma keep this as vague and pg as humanly possible
Sex is an act
Its something that you do

[Verse 1]
This the loneliest i ever been
Its like i never win
Beatin niggas that im better than
With right hooks and hella friends
We pros
Yall pussies rookies
With them lettermans
Sent my man some letters man
To let them know im sellin grams
So he can have some money in his hand
When we touch land the blunt is a masterpiece so he dont get burnt like sun tans
Go get shot from the gun fan
Then get some lunch and
I'd even do it for my shawty
That dont even exist
Cause i prefer a bitch with thick lips
Who likes to hit licks
One who would caress me
And never expect me to be the one to step into her heartbeat
It beat beat like car keys from the jetta
You fake niggas prolly
Yes but you just a jester
Im schoolboy q by second semesters
Doing my lessons
Hittin licks
Like im lester
To get to get this fuckin cheddar
You worry bout the wrong things
Im tryna figure out with [?]
And thats highly clever
Equipped with the blade
And you know when niggas sever severence
When the love ain't a let her was hungrier till i fed her
The middle is where i met her like meetins around [?]
Wet like the weather
I take [?] then i undress her
She know a nigga the bester
Protects her like dreamcatchers
Then test her like teach mathworks
Shit, she got it backwords
Now she rubbin on my leather sayin
"I'll give you pleasure"

[Verse 2]
Listen boo you know a nigga been missing you
Its clear as the crystal shoes you left when i first kissed you
I miss your moans i finna set it as my ringtone
Its like im making you cum every time my plug call my phone
You better call tyrone and tell him
That i should leave you alone before you be gone
Like long rips from out of the bong
Store you in my pokeball
Just to cope my copeless heart
Hope you chose to flirt with those who praise your beauty like a god boy
Those who chose propose to [?] and only tear your heart apart
It hurts since our hearts so fucking far apart
I tried to take the drive to see you but i couldn't get the car to start
Promise you gon have my baby when my pockets paul blart
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