I know you waiting and I'm waiting
For you too
I know you wanting plenty of
I have a lot to offer so don't worry to much
I'm giving all my love bebot
You can't get enough

If you think that I'm lying
You will see that you will want more
(Want more)
You keep on telling me
Sika bahala ka sa buyhay mo (hay mo)
You don't tell me any kind
Because you know I'm loving you
And you loving loving me too

You think it's crazy but
I'm telling you that it's not
Because it's private
Okay just try it

Touch your pipit
Feeling very good
Tell me you love me
Cause I'm loving loving you (2x)

Touch your pipit, pipit...
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Touch Your Pipit Lyrics

Ickest – Touch Your Pipit Lyrics