As I get up in the morning
I noticed the cold weather
Outside it must be snow
I was right on top of that
People putting up frosty the snow man
Take a look outside I see the family
Across the street decorating their tree
Reminds me of when I was at home
Spending time with my baby all alone

I can't wait I can't can't wait
To be home to be be home
With you with with you
I'm packing up and coming home
To be with you
I know it's last minute
But I can't stand a minute
It being the holidays and spending christmas
Without you (without you)
It ain't a holiday unless you're with me

As I pack all my clothes
I get a phone call
It was you wishing me
To have a safe trip
Baby don't worry cause I'll be there in no time
Have dinner, music, open presents
Have a good time
We'll make snow angels of you and me
Sing christmas carols with the family
I want to hang up the mistletoe
Have you walk on by below
You'll be sealed with a kiss
Cause for me you're the star on my tree

I can't wait, I can't wait to be home
This christmas, this christmas time
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Holiday Lyrics

Ickest – Holiday Lyrics