Peter, drives his truck everyday, he delivers packages then rides away
Edward, presses down in dismay, numbers that will add up to the price you pay

And I chose to sing songs, write in prose about my wrongs
Life broke my heart a bunch of times

And I lose all my means; I’m a toy figurine
When you call out my name
Like the first time you came to the show

Frank, has a pretty good life, He is sharpening knives in a shop at home
Leila, found a hair in her soup, she’s efficient as a teller, you should tell her

I choose melodies that haunt my head
I must exorcise their inflexions

As a true artist would I try to make them good
But I am not a great musician
My level of education, is quite low

But I won’t let you down
I would never hold my tongue, no
I won’t let you down

Beth is a school nurse she saves kids, from the curse of the unannounced quiz
Heather, is a lawyer, Ben’s a waiter, Phil’s a serious serial killer

I need the music, I get physically sick
If I don’t have my daily dose

If I become successful, and you choose to choose me

I won’t let you down
I’ll always try to deliver, Hey Peter
I won’t let you down
I’ll keep it real and stay sincere, So
I won’t let you down
I’ll always be as I appear
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Little Words Lyrics

Ian Kelly – Little Words Lyrics

Songwriters: Ian Kelly Couture
Little Words lyrics © Évangeline/APEM

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