I'm stretching my legs; I’m bending my knees
I don’t exercise much but now I’m at ease on cement
Down at the old Parliament

I’m walking on eggs; I’ve got a beard made of bees
What appeared like a forest was many small trees, we’re the list
Hold your chin up high and raise your fist

This is all of my rage in a single phrase
We came here on a bus; don’t forget you work for us

Even though we’re displeased I guess you had our votes
But our rights were seized, made some sheep out of goats, and you said
I will decide who will be well fed

This is all of my rage in a single song
If it were just my call, then you wouldn’t be there for long

Now, dying for a hospital bed
Depression contagiously spreads
Everyday’s a repeat of the same tragedy

Now, nothing is done but all has been said
No one’s hitting the nail on the head
In a room infected by their apathy

Canadian oil, we extract from the soil
Nuclear soldiers, fire and fires, we’ve
Stolen all the fish from the dirty sea

At the old Parliament, things are moving way too slow
We are paying the rent; I think we should run the show

Now, there are missiles pointing at me
There are kids caught in the debris
And my shirt was extorted from their family

Now I can’t live with my head in the sand
I can’t be under foolish command
What we need is to have a democracy
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Parliament Lyrics

Ian Kelly – Parliament Lyrics

Songwriters: Ian Kelly Couture
Parliament lyrics © Évangeline/APEM

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