When I was very young, I thought that life was long
Thought I would make it as a sargeant or as an athlete of great talent
And I decided then, when I’ll become a man
I will save earth’s population, put all the vilains in a prison

And there will be my name
At the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame
I will only have world leaders
Rocking out as my band members

We’ll open up for Rush
I will become such a lush
But I will always have the greatest hangovers

I would have you, as my only love

When I was just a boy, my life was full of joy
Every new day was a great day, every love song had to be wrong

I thought nothing would affect me
Our Love would be my jetski
I’d wear you as a helmet, you’d always be there to protect me

We would end up in a castle
I would not become an asshole
I wouldn’t stare at your mom’s cleavage, pawn my ring or lose my courage

I would have you, as my only love

When I open up my drawers
And everything is tidy
You folded all my laundry
So I know that you care about me

I will have you, as my only love
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I Would Have You Lyrics

Ian Kelly – I Would Have You Lyrics

Songwriters: Ian Kelly Couture
I Would Have You lyrics © Évangeline/APEM

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