Burns my eyes, the rage against the world
There's no one, who can move my soul

[Bridge 1]
Until I'll be the king of the world, I'll fight
Until I'll live my war goes on and on

Take glory with your torment
The hero call my name
Immortal power never die I'm raging
To sing to all songs of immortallity

My eyes full of fire
They know the secret
(My eyes full of fire)
To live forever
(My eyes full of fire)
Dying will be better
(My eyes full of fire)
Than an ignominious life

My hands will become stars
My breath like wind will ride

[Bridge 2]
My shout will burst the doors of
The sky with my hymn
I don't live for living
I live to be the one


Sometimes I make my mistakes
When I think that I live just for love
Destroyed, devastated
Will be who believes in holy God

[Bridge 1]
[Bridge 2]

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Eyes Full Of Fire Lyrics

Hyperion – Eyes Full Of Fire Lyrics