We're talking about long and endless
Red blood sunsets fading to pale dawn
Like a shady line between the shining day
And the dark one

We're living hand in hand with God
And having our feet through hell's fire
We're talking with already said words
About places where we don't need hands to touch

And we don't need eyes to see
About forests born on dry roots of dead plants
About rivers flowing through the desert

And here there was a woman who
Was showing her reign to me
The sky was her only border
The look was her only limit
And here there were principles against the law
And prisions for honest people
And tribunals for just ones

And here there was fight between the shining bird
And the white natural circle
And self-made mothers
Sons born by already dead mothers

And this is our reign, our life
Beyond the sky
And this is our reign, our life
Beyond the sky



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Beyond The Sky Lyrics

Hyperion – Beyond The Sky Lyrics