[Verse 1: Hit-Boy]
This just what I do, I do it often
Yo niggas be talkin'
My niggas be workin'
We get up,
We don't fall now

Suck up girls, they call now
Call up the family they all proud and we gone cause that pack loud
Check mate, I've got it covered like parentheses
Niggas I looked up to only feelin' me or fearin' me
These niggas ain't real, these niggas posin' they just
Run the game
Who the fuck, who the fuck is that?
Oh, allegedly he's the man
That's why I came in makin' demands
And I'm tired of talkin' my plans
I'mma show you niggas what's goin' down
Like elevators and escalators my old bitches in discounts
Hs87, you been hazed since '87
Bustin' moves with my collective
And I ain't got no reception
For no nigga talkin' dumb
That's on my mommas, sistas, cousins, and the plug nigga
On everything that I love
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On Everything Lyrics

HS87 – On Everything Lyrics