Goin' on it
I ain't plannin on tonight
The brown got me feelin' alright

Shake that ass girl
Drop down and bring that back girl
Drop down and make that clap girl
Slow it down and roll it around for me
Yeah, I've been drinkin' all night

Make a nigga come take it

[Hook 1]
Bring that back for me
Turn around
Do that dance in my lap for me
Come tomorrow

[Verse 2:]
She about that life
Ain't about to take it slow tonight
Ain't nobody got to know tonight
Such a natural
Yeah, tonight I'm your papa
Damn girl, you know you nasty
Don't stop, keep
Oooh, yeah, I'm drinkin' all night
Nigga faded

[Hook 2]
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Cold Lyrics

HS87 – Cold Lyrics