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It Only Takes Two To Rock Lyrics

Hot Breakfast – It Only Takes Two To Rock Lyrics

One is not enough to rock
I’m sorry but it’s true
You cannot rock if you’re just one
I hate to break it to you
So how are you supposed to rock
How many do you need
To dig a hole in fertile soil
And plant a rockin’ seed

Should you be three like Rush
Or four like the Pixies
Or five like New Kids on the Block
Come listen, children close to me, you see…

Back when the world was new
People crawled out of the sand
They looked around and said
We’ve got to start a rocking band
So they gathered up guitars
Keyboards and horns and basses
What a waste! They never knew
The power of two could melt their faces

I’ll get right to the point
If you think that two can’t tear up the joint
Then you’re in for a shock
Because it only takes two to rock!

And then one fateful night
When the planets all aligned
The Gods of Rock decreed
That these two souls must be combined
Then the Earth reversed its course
As Matt and Jill joined forces
The moon eclipsed, the seas caught fire
Trust us, dude, we checked our sources

Now here’s some good advice
If they say “I bet they’re soft and nice”
Take that bet – it’s a lock
Because it only takes two to rock!

So take a number all you ladies
Come take a ride in our Mercedes
We’ll whip it good (CRACK!) like in the 80s
Come on cutie (come on cutie)
Shake that booty (do your duty)
Come on sweetie (come on sweetie)
Sign my treaty! Break it down, Kevin Niemi-style…

JILL: So you see, my friends, it only takes two to rock. That's right, two
People can do all the rocking there is to do. It doesn't take three, or
Four, or some insane Industrial Jazz/P-Funk number...just two. Two is all

MATT: Yes, but in the song, it says we don't need a bunch of guitars and
Drums and basses to rock, but the song does have guitars and drums and a
Bass. And some other sounds too.

JILL. Ah, but are the sounds really there? Or do we rock SO HARD that we
Just make those sounds appear in the minds of the listeners?

MATT: You just blew my mind.

JILL: But of course. That's what we do. Plus, we have Pro Tools.

MATT: Yes we do.
1 2 3 4!

Whoa – Whoa!
So now you know it’s true
Whoa – whoa!
We did the math for you
Whoa – whoa!
Whatever you’re into
When they tell you only big bands will do
Now you know that’s a crock
Because it only takes two to rock!
(Only takes two) Yes it only takes two to rock
(Only takes two) Yes it only takes two
Only two, me and you
You and me, two not three
And not four, and no more
Only two, that’ll do
Because it only takes two to rock!
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