Nothing touches her soul but stilhettos,
The L.A. carpet and bedsheets.
There's nothing in her heart and nothing in her eyes.
But I've fallen so hard.
She parties like a rockstar every night.
And I can taste the whiskey on her breath she never tries to hide.
And we belly up to the bar and exchange pleasantries with the ladies and gentlemen.
And all we have is our loss of self control to keep us company.
Boredom is what haunts us most like limbs at our windowpane.
Is the perfidy of a vixen's tongue too big a risk to take?
You better hope so boy. why bury that?
Since overcoming our self shatters the glass that refracts the truth from us.
With the doctor's orders. witht the drugs that the doctor prescribed.
I'll beat the illness. I'll learn to fly.
Now everything you said to me, just like babes, clings to the heart of a sinner.
Now it's almost over. I can feel I'm nearing the end. I've said goodbyes.
Though I know I'll be back again. kiss her once on the cheek for me.
Apologize to the fiance. fool me once shame on you. fool me twice and I deserve to die.
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Mingle With The People Lyrics

Horizontal Orange – Mingle With The People Lyrics