The sharpest weapon she has is her tongue.
She is careless and overbearing.
Unmoved by a passer-by's smile,
She slows for nothing but the weight of a material stare.

She groans for approval and waits for it.
Everybody listen.
We know it's gold the way she kisses.
She leaves stars in our eyes when she is listless.

I know I'm out of control everytime she passes my way.
I'm left to stand in the dust and debris and the aftermath she leaves in her path.
I run circles while the insects feed on my flesh.
And she lights a smoke and says with a smile - run and get me another daiquiri.
Ain't it funny the grip she has on everyone she passes through.
I'd walk through hell and back and still I know that that won't do.
I've seen a thousand dreams crushed by surfeit of her lies.
Ain't it funny the grip she has around the necks of the ignorant like us.
Not me anymore. I know. I've seen it. I'd kill to shine her shoes.
I've got her. she's mine. she offers what I can't refuse.
I'll break these chains that bind me. I'll shut her mouth.
I'd rather be blind then go to hell with two eyes.
She's not a temptress I can't withstand.
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Double Edged Sword Lyrics

Horizontal Orange – Double Edged Sword Lyrics