I've been wasting my time drinking whisky and I
Sleep on the side that you lay
And reading the letters you've sent through the years
I smile as each tear hits the page

I try to hide what I'm feeling inside
But daylight keeps giving me away
I know I'll get by but there's mountains to climb
Until you come home to me safe

When I dream of your face
You're staring right back at me
Its the loneliest place
When you can't touch what you see
But I choose this life
So I pay the price
Til then I'll be in the loneliest place

Snow lined the way as your train left that day
Leaving tracks that reminded my heart
Our love will survive til we lay down to die
And distance won't keep us apart


But I choose this life
So I pay the price
And for you I'd die

And where angels fly
We'll be side by side
Only then will I no longer be
In the loneliest place

Come back come back to me
I need you now
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Loneliest Place Lyrics

Honey Ryder – Loneliest Place Lyrics