Thinking back on memories
The road that brought me here
How did it all go wrong
I've made so many enemies
I'm living out my fears
I don't know where to turn, now I'm no longer your concern

Who's gonna save me from today?
Who'll understand why I'm afraid?
Reins on my brain stopping me again
Demons wanna play
And take me away
I'll fight the demons from within me
All by myself

Hope is slowing creeping
Into life each day
The voices in my mind are willing me to stay
Watch me getting stronger
There's so much left to say
Now I finally accept that I'm the only one to blame


Oh I'm gonna fight this
And I know you won't like it
Self control is all I need
To stop this killing me

Demons wanna play
I'll stop this killing me gotta stop this killing me…...
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Demons Lyrics

Honey Ryder – Demons Lyrics