I'm waking up to a repeat of yesterday
I step outside as I wait for the light of day
I thought you'd change your mind
But I guess you still feel the same

I've been trying hard to show you what I'm worth
But you make it hard when you're so back and forth
If I let this die, then would you see?
Giving up is the only thing that makes sense to me

It makes sense to me...

So don't trip with your nose so high in the air
It must be hard to look down from there
This sick bullshit, you're so used to it
That you do it even when I'm not there

You're so fucked and we know
Still you never let go
You and your friends should leave town
And just never come home

You're an open entrance but a broken door
And I just don't feel welcome here anymore

Four walls don't make a home
You'll be cold and alone wherever you go
You could've changed that, yeah I know you know
But your heart's sealed shut, buried long ago

I never meant to just bring you down
But sometimes I need time to figure out
So long, farewell, at least for now
If you change your mind I won't be around

A notch below, a step away
A wasted effort on a rained out day
I'd drop everything if that's what you want from me
But I'm not good enough and I'll never be

Another chance, just one more day
Forget your friends just run away with me
I'd show you something no one else could help you see
But I'm not good enough, I'll probably never be
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Stuckup Lyrics

Hollow Tides – Stuckup Lyrics