I can't help but think that you've forgot about me
You're off at fest while I'm supposed to be sleeping
And I wouldn't wish this on anybody

Cause everytime I try forgetting you
I lose a part of me to something new
I'm either completely numb
Or just a friend to you
I'd give up everything if I could just get through

I'm starting to think that I've said too many things
Yeah, you know me, but you don't know what I mean
Sometimes I think you never did

Somedays I feel like I'm barely holding on
Somedays I feel like you're not even worth my thoughts
I needed you the most, when you weren't there
I thought I knew rock bottom but I was so unprepared
I don't want your sorrow or your empathy
But if there's one thing the last six years have made clear to me
Honestly, you mean the fucking world to me
No one and nothing will ever be more important to me

Helpless, yes I'm helpless, gripping onto what's intangible
Hopeless, I'm so hopeless, slowly find my way back to you
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Hopesick Lyrics

Hollow Tides – Hopesick Lyrics