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Poof Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Poof Lyrics

(Verse 1 - Hi-Rez)
Now I grew up on the motherfucking east coast
Cause of my rhyme scheme all these groupies wanna deep throat
Looking out the peephole, paranoid blunt to the dome
Death is knocking at the door like I invited him home
Anybody talking shit can take a bite of the chrome
My own motherfucking mind got a mind of its own
I'm rolling the zone, I've been into killing myself
Nobody willing to help, I wish this feeling would melt
I ain't talking masturbation, but I'm feeling myself
Lyrically pillaging villages, burn 'em down to the ground
Don't make a sound, put the money in the bag, turn around
My thoughts they running wild, kill a hater with a smile
Any hard working job take practice, groupies in the mattress
Do it for the ratchets, hit the L and puff, puff, pass it
Ash it, enemies in caskets, make 'em disappear like magic

(Hook - Hi-Rez)
Any critic talking shit, they can eat a full clip
I'mma make 'em disappear like poof (like poof)
If you wanna take a risk, you gonna have to meet my clique
They gon' make you disappear like poof (motherfucker)
If you bringing out your chick, she gon' end up on my dick
I'mma make her disappear like poof
If you wanna take a risk, you gonna have to meet my clique
Let them make you disappear like poof

(Verse 2 - Hi-Rez)
Fuck a hater, fuck a critic, get your paper, keep it pimping
I'm flipping zips of the chronic and rolling some up like sonic
I'm vomiting on a comet, a kamikaze with problems
Emotions, keeping them bottled, these dutches is getting hollowed
Cause tomorrow never promised, those never honest
I'm toxic, atomic mixed with Osama bin Laden
I'm bringing drama, these choppers killing these coppers
I'm higher than Dr. Spock, I'm Notorious mixed with Pac
I'm putting on for my city, I putting on for my block
Pull a trigger, kill a fuck boy
Hiding out who I be smoking in the cut, boy
Haters talking shit, then they Aflac, duck, boy
Shit, but I don't really give a fuck, boy

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