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Killshot Freestyle Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Killshot Freestyle Lyrics

I look calm on the outside
But I got this devil in me that's waiting to come outside
Finally been getting what I deserve, its about time
Always on my job I don’t ever have down time
If you mess with my family, you messing with me
While you wiling to face me, I'm letting her breathe
Everyone in my way come in second to me
Every loss in my life is a lesson to me
The broker the hater, the madder they are
Look at my wishing, how madder they are
Looking at my chick cause you drip Dior
These opening acts are just acting too hard
I'd rather be me than be you
If I was in your shoes, I would hate on me too
Try way too hard just to be cool
You don’t stand out homie, I don't see you
I sit back and I wonder if I would of died
Who would care, who would cry, say a prayer for my life
I've been stressing, depressed, waking up with the sweats
Got regrets, I can't fish it, I did as a kid
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can barely breathe
Need a priest for my peace, ain't no peace on the streets
They all wan't me to cease
All you do is act hard, and talk shit in your tweets
And solemnly, you’re vomiting
Waking up nauseous, It got me exhausted, approach me with caution
You’re stuck in a box, like you live in a coffin
Man, fuck this world that I'm lost in
Artists misfortune for money and fame
All these rappers are selling theyself for a chain
I do this for my name, I do this for my fam
Going hard ’til I die, or I'm shot where I stand
I do this for the people that know what it's like
To feel right when you're wrong, and feel wrong when you’re right
Every night it's a fight for my life
In the lifestyle inside
I don't care about Instagram likes
You too worried 'bout followers
You should focus on something important
Like getting your dollars up, or demons'll swallow you
Feelin' so bottled up, feelin' so bottled up, yeah
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