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Lost In Time (Intro) Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Lost In Time (Intro) Lyrics

Feeling Bi-Polar
My mind's colder than solar systems
Feeling so imprisoned like a freezer I've been frozen in
Always find a good girl
Get bored and turn to hoes again
Sluts are into older men, its so hard to say no to them
Holding in emotions that people would never know
Drowning in this dark depression I wish I could rent a boat
I wish I could let it go, its like hell is my second home
Rarely smiled in my life, still people get jealous woah
People ask what motivates me, and I think they'd hate me
If they knew I took pills for depression and motivation
But fuck it I gotta live, and my dark thoughts haunt me
And anything to get me through the day like drinking coffee
These rappers forgot their content, they act like its a contest
To go and grab the mic and just recite a bunch of nonsense
All my interest been lost, right when swag became a topic
And rap became an object just to better people's pockets
But music is taking over my mind, body, and soul
Alone on this lonely road, that's why I was always stoned
To run away from my thoughts, I'm praying to every god
That the devil don't take me and put me in any harm
I'm on a road with a dead end, can't even trust my best friends
Or the girl I've been seeing I come home to and have sex with
I'm going fucking crazy within the house that I rest in
But still there's a percentage that's telling me that I'm blessed
But still I've been losing hope, cause they don't know what I go through
Or how fucking close that I came to tying a rope noose
If god gave you happiness just be glad that he chose you
Cause I still ain't found mine and I'm searching like Sudoku
Life stories and pro tools, people think fame is so cool
I'm hesitant to blow cause when you do they miss the old you
I see the future and I feel success is right here
It started with a dream but it becomes a nightmare
For Real

Everywhere we go
Nobody knows
Where time will take us
And even though
We're lost in time
We keep on moving so we don't get left behind
Lost in time
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