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Hunger Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Hunger Lyrics

Gonna call and I'll make you home
So bored when I'm on my own
Because of you, only for you
My heart's beating upon my sleeve
Tryina figure out if you mean the things you do
Only if you're here

[Verse 1: Hi-Rez]
Never let em' tell you you can't do it
Hard times but you gonna get through it
I promise you cause I been there
Got up and I put my mind to it
They told me no but I told them yes
Times I used to feel all alone, so depressed
But I fought back, now I smile again
If I ever fail I'mma just try again
And I felt pain that I thought will never end
But I prayed long and I prayed my cause
And the stars aligned cause I worked hard
And God went and threw me a curved ball
I still swung, hit a home run
And looked fear in the face, I don't run
I've seen death but I'm still blessed
I come from a world of no love
I'm hustlin' all for my family
Boy, never had nothing handed me
People done shit to me you can't believe
Back at high-school bitches would laugh at me
Now they're hitting me up saying wassup
Do you remember me? I'm tryna fuck
Hmm, nah! I don't fuck with you
If the struggle hard gotta hustle harder
Put me in the game on the fucking starter
I'm the man of my city like Peter Parker
My only role model is my mom and father
I'mma pay their bills, stack that bread
Someone's name still coming on in my head
Used to think that I'd be better off dead
Then I realized everyday is a blessing


[Verse 2: Hi-Rez]
You've never failed till you stopped trying
Soon I'mma be in top 5
Sometimes I wish I could stop time
Tell me, God, why did Pac die?
Do I have to die young to become a legend?
Cause I don't really wanna fucking die right now!
Every single day get my life outta stressin'
Never working hard it's time right now
I bled first and I shed tears
I’ll be a household name by next year
I ain't give a shit when I'm left here
I'm better turnin' up with the next gear
I do things that I shouldn't
I did what they said, I couldn't
I'm still with the same team that I came up with
Not like ________(?)
God would never put you through a situation that you can't deal with
I know when I speak y'all feel it
My cup's low, can you fill it?
I pour enough for my loved ones
And my dear friends that ain’t make it
When life get hard and the year rough
And you feel like you can't take it
Search deep down inside, find a less bit of hope
This life a hell of a ride
I'm hangin' on by a rope
Then God sent me a sign
Said "carry on with your day"
"Just stop stressin' and trippin'"
"Take a breath, it's gon' be OK"

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